World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Amman, Jordan

Today has been declared World Day Against Cyber Censorship by Reporters Without Borders. I’m responding to a call by Black Iris for the Jordanian blogosphere to voice their concerns about the future of Internet press freedom in Jordan. Reporters Without Borders reports some reasons for concern in Jordan. While I am not Jordanian myself, I am less likely to be harassed by potentially restricting legislation. Nonetheless, I still feel great kinship to the Jordanian blogosphere, and many of the writers in My Blog List on the right could definitely have their feet held to the fire. I know that some of them already have.

I’d also like to point out that, while Jordan may make an appearance on the “under surveillance” list published by Reporters Without Borders today, there are many other countries who will appear on the far more troubling “Internet Enemies” list. Their netizens also deserve our strong support.

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