Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Welcome back to the mid-Atlantic states! Snow in the forecast, and the city is panicking! I was planning on leaving home at 10am just to be sure I got to my 1:30pm CASA Arabic exam in Georgetown. When it still wasn’t snowing at 10:00, though, I decided to stay till 11. I was checking my email every few minutes, because my Peace Corps friend Vanessa at Georgetown said the university would probably close and cancel the exam today. Meanwhile, I was hoping they wouldn’t cancel, because I’m only in Washington, DC, for so long, and I was worried about whether I’d be here for the make-up exam. Sure enough, just before 11am, they cancelled the exam.

So then the next question became, do I try to make it up to Baltimore to my sister’s? We were planning on going up to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning to visit my cousin Gwen and her family, and I was really looking forward to seeing all of them. But if we weren’t going to make it to Pennsylvania, we’d be stuck in my sister’s studio apartment, which I hear is smaller than a postage stamp…. Elizabeth emailed to say, Don’t come.

Then I tried to get in touch with Candice to see if I could spend the weekend with her in Glen Burnie, since she was in quarantine at Bethesda Naval Hospital with swine flu last time I was in the area. I couldn’t get in touch with her, though, so I’m here in Alexandria, Virginia, for the weekend. Bob and Rachel swear they don’t mind the imposition, but I do feel like I’m in danger of overstaying my welcome!

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