Ma’in Reunion … with Sushi!

Washington, DC, USA

From My White Wintery Hell

Today I met up with Naureen and Jennifer at Cafe Asia for sushi happy hour for a mini Ma’in reunion. Jennifer was our LCF (Language and Cultural Trainer) in our training village of Ma’in during Peace Corps Pre-Service Training. It was great to catch up on the Peace Corps friends we’re still in touch with, and on each other’s lives. (As I’ve said before, I’m terrible at keeping in touch!) Then we headed out for frozen yogurt near Dupont Circle. It was another great dinner date. I would so love to be living in DC with all these fun, fascinating people!

From My White Wintery Hell

I also realized that I might have the perfect job for Jennifer in Amman. I seem to be getting quite good at this, finding jobs for other people. I found Heba her job at UNHCR, I got Andy an offer at the Modern American School. Now, if only I could just find a job for myself, too! Maybe I should try my own business: finding jobs for other people!

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