Well Earned Bruises

Wadi Himara, Jordan

From Wadi Himara from the top

They called it a hike. Maybe last year it was a hike, but this year the rain that’s been pouring down all week transformed Wadi Himara, and this was less of a hike and more of a scramble. Had we not gone with a group of gung-ho guys from Walking Jordan, Melanie and I would surely have decided it was too dangerous and gone back home. Pretty early on, we found ourselves more or less sliding down a scree slope to the wadi floor.

From Wadi Himara from the top

We were up and down, sliding down boulders, scrambling over rocks, sliding through mud. But the view from the waterfall, down the wadi, over the Dead Sea and into Palestine was worth every heart-pounding moment of the scramble.

From Wadi Himara from the top


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