Red Rocks & Racing Camels

Zuwaideh Camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

From Red Rocks & Camel Racing

Finally, we got the relaxation we were hoping for! It started with an incredibly tender zarb dinner in the traditional Bedouin style (baked in the sand, that is). There were a couple of adventure tourism groups there, mostly middle-aged Brits with a taste for hiking. One gentleman had worked for the UN most of his career, so we spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas for me to get into that exclusive club.

From Red Rocks & Camel Racing

This morning, the tour groups woke in the dark to take a camel ride out to see the sunrise. Jad and I took the car out instead for some nice pre-breakfast shots. One thing that I’d never seen before was galloping camels. There’s a camel race track across the street from the Zuwaideh camp, and three young camels were being put through their paces this morning. As the camels were racing around the track, three 4X4 trucks were racing just outside the rail, cheering them on. Beside them came Jad and I playing tourist, trying to get a few good shots of racing camels:

From Red Rocks & Camel Racing

Then we hung around a bit for the morning, and headed back to Amman. Relaxing but not exhausting. Just what a vacation should be. And exactly what we needed to take the sting out of the hotel fiasco in Aqaba. Wadi Rum’s much better, anyway, even if there’s no ocean!

From Red Rocks & Camel Racing

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