Meeting Seamus

Bridgton, Maine, USA

From Maine 2009

You’re not supposed to have favorites among your relatives, but it wouldn’t be hard to guess that Gwen is one of mine. To begin with, she’s the inspiration for my globe-trotting lifestyle. When I started hearing about her trips to Ireland, Mexico, Russia and Ireland again, I knew I wanted to have that, too! She helped her mother-in-law save me when I was almost homeless in Europe. I’ve been her translator and teacher in Germany, and a witness in her beautiful wedding in Dresden. I counseled her through her engagement, and learned in the process just how badly and indelibly a divorce can scar the children. We’ve had long conversations about raising bilingual children, and worked together to derive many lessons from the way our parents raised us.

So when I left America last June in the middle of her pregnancy, it was with great regret that I probably wouldn’t be back in the States when the baby was born. When I couldn’t make it home last Christmas, one of my greatest regrets was not being able to meet her baby Seamus.

From Maine 2009

And yet, perhaps, I met Seamus today at the most auspicious time, just when he’s beginning to look like his father, act like his mother, and have a personality of his own.

From Maine 2009

Of course, meeting our whole family all at once, and in an unfamiliar place, was overwhelming at the least. And of course, Seamus fussed a good deal, which embarrassed Gwen, despite my mother’s best efforts to reassure her that, after 4 children of her own, she expected no less. Still, it’s undeniable that he’s an adorable little munchkin!

From Maine 2009

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