by Maryah Converse

I’m like a ship at light speed, flying a razor-edge
Between black hole and supernova.
You’re the star destroyer close on my tail,
With Luke on my right flank
And Han on the left,
But it’s the Dark Side I want,
Wrapped up in the light:
Nights in your arms and days at your side,
Kisses in your embrace, your words in my mind.
A little to the right and we fall forever;
A little left, we burn in glory.
But past the Kessel Run is illicit paradise
With stolen treasures and priceless bliss.
Tell me, Artoo, the course to plot
To reach Dagobar and the mystic art
Of keeping concentration
Above the beat of my heart,
To know when to hold back and live my life
And when to seek Cloud City in the sunset sky,
At the end of this razor’s edge
I’m trying to fly

I wrote this about completely different people than the ones who reminded me of it tonight, but the emotional core holds true!

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