A New Friday Ritual

Amman, Jordan

As the summer heats up, I find it harder and harder to see myself on a bike in the late morning sun. I’m not alone, it seems, as Tareef has begun offering more sunset bike rides, departing at 3pm as the day is beginning to cool off. This leaves my Friday mornings free, and the timing couldn’t be better, because the summer brings a dramatic rise in Friday morning offerings.

I could go to the Friday morning flea market in Abdali, and that’s on the agenda for next week, as I’d love to have some new clothes for summer but can’t bear to spend much money.

From Fridays

There’s always Friday breakfast at Wild Jordan and Books@Cafe, though, and now I’m free to indulge in three courses of breakfast deliciousness, sweetened with the delightful company of my best girlfriends (last Friday Emily, this Friday Heba, and maybe Keri next Friday). Not to mention, of course, that the views of East Amman are hard to beat. While Amman is quite gritty at the street level, from above it can be quite a stunning landscape of pueblo-like tiers of block houses, and occasional bursts of green like the Darat al-Funuun garden.

From Fridays

Then there’s Suq Jara, where I spent far too much money this last Friday buying handmade goods at the booths of local artists. A creation of the neighboring Jordan River Foundation, Suq Jara is open every Friday all summer, offering not only art, crafts and jewelry galore, but musical and theatre performances, hookah smoking, and carnival-type food. Heba and I had the most delicious watermelon slushies on Friday.

I’m looking forward to more Fridays like this as the summer goes on!

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