Everything is amazing, nobody is happy…

Amman, Jordan, 06/06/2009, 2:50AM

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Jordan! You’ve been up all night on an airplane behind a row of teenage girls who don’t know the meaning of the word quiet. The airport taxis are a protectionist racket, the almost-affordable taxi your employer arranged to meet you at the airport hasn’t shown, you have the driver’s number but the credit on your mobile phone has expired while you were in Hungary, all the kiosks in the airport are closed so you can’t purchase more credit, and when you ask at the information counter for assistance, he shrugs and says, That’s unfortunate. Welcome to Jordan. Ahlan wa sahlan. Ahlan. Ahlan.

Even as all of this is going through my head, I’m also thinking of this sketch from comedian Louis CK, “Everything is amazing, nobody is happy…”:

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