Return to Madaba

Ma’een, Madaba, Jordan

From Dead Sea Panorama Downhill

This week’s trip with Tareef Cycling Club was the Dead Sea Panorama trip, starting midway between the town of Ma’een and the Ma’een Hot Springs, and coasting down the hill to the Dead Sea for tea and manakeesh. On the way there, the bus passed through the town of Ma’een, and I was reminded of Naureen, Jennifer, Jeremy and Audra, my fellow Peace Corps Trainees for Pre-Service Training in Ma’een. I could still pick out the home of my host mother, Auntie Nayfa Haddadeen, and the center where we had our Arabic clases, the little restaurant where we got falafel, and the girls’ school where I did my student teaching under the supervision of Miss Mary Haddadeen. Outwardly, not much seems to have changed since I lived there almost exactly five years ago.

The trip itself was quite a rush, as we rocketted downhill, through switchbacks and chillier weather than expected, down to the Dead Sea. It was pretty easy, but sort of nerve-wracking, too. But beautiful. Definitely beautiful.

From Dead Sea Panorama Downhill

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