It’s a Small World!

Amman, Jordan

My roommate said several months ago that he’d met a girl who should move into our third bedroom in January and, hey, she’s from Maine! You’ll have a lot in common! I immediately scoffed, I’m not really from Maine, it’s just where my parents live. I’ve really only vacationed there.

Well, she was going to be our third roommate, until a few days ago when she let us know that she’d be back to Jordan for a week, but wouldn’t be staying for another semester after all. We’re still looking for her replacement.

But today she came home wearing a T-shirt from Camp Pondicherry. I burst out, “Camp Pondicherry! On Adam’s Pond? That’s where my parents live!” And she says, “Nobody knows where Adam’s Pond is! Bridgton, maybe, but Adam’s Pond?” Turns out, she was a Girl Scout camp counselor at Camp Pondicherry, where I have also considered applying more than once. When I described my parents’ house to her, she recognized it.

What are the odds?

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