Musical Manifestation of Solidarity

Amman, Jordan

In solidarity with Gaza, and in honor of the Palestinian martyrs, and in protest against the criminal Israeli war, and in rejection of the bias of the world regimes, a number of Jordanian artists and cultural activists are organizing a musical manifestation of solidarity at Al Balad Theatre, Jabal Amman, First circle, on Wednesday 7 January 2008 at 8:00 pm.

The event will include a piano performance by Tala Tutunji and Zeina Asfour, who will perform compositions by Tarek Younis. Omar Faqir, Tarek Jundi, Wissam Tubeleh and Fadi Ghawanmeh will also take part in this event which will include poetry readings in Arabic and English of poems by Mahmoud Darwish compiled and read by Serene Huleileh, Reem Abu Kishk, Amer al Khuffash, and Samar Dudin. Ayman Taisir will conclude the readings with poetry dedicated to Palestine. The event will be concluded by a visual presentation designed by Raed Asfour culminated by the virtual video presence of the late Palestinian poet laureate, Mahmoud Darwish.

We do not wish this event to be a simple artistic act of solidarity, but to come out with real solidarity by urging every participant to contribute, in whatever way he/she can, to support the perseverance of our people in Gaza.

Despite all the hours that Peace Corps spent ingraining in us the danger of approaching large groups of protesting Palestinians, my friend and I decided that this was one demonstration we could be a part of. I’m so glad we made that decision.

This ceremony (not just an event) was beautifully prepared and very moving. There was piano, violin, recorder and ‘oud music, overlaid with poetry and a recitation of just some names of the more than 700 Palestinians who have lost their lives since Christmas.

Not surprisingly, we also saw many people we know.


I’ve never heard of this musician before, but I applaud him:

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