Amman, Jordan

I finished my first project for Questscope today, and it occured to me that I’ve unexpectedly gone freelance. I mean, I’d always read about being a freelance technical writer, and I’d given it sometimes glancing, sometimes semi-serious thought. It had always kind of scared me. I mean, for starters, your income is awfully unsteady as a freelancer. I know this well, with a father who’s an entrepreneur, and a mother who’s become a freelance artist. It was common dinnertime conversation.

Suddenly, however, I find that I am, at least temporarily, working freelance. And immediately I thought of my father. I think this is what he means when he says, “You have to be young and stupid to go to work for yourself!” Out of a job, in a foreign country, too stubborn to retreat to the comfort of Mom’s kitchen, I’m taking a leap of faith.

It’s not that much of a leap of faith, it’s more of a trial period before the founder of Questscope comes back to Jordan and meets me. And the way a week of upset stomachs just melted away as soon as I got started on the first project tells me that I’m not really as scared of going freelance as my conscious brain thinks.

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