Ramadan’s Children

Kids say the darnedest things!

Amman, Jordan

My second graders get a mid-morning break upstairs in the cafeteria, where they can get all sugared up for the rest of their classes :-S and yesterday, one student looked up at me and asked, “Miss Maryah? Are you fasting for Ramadan?”
I waved the Coke in my hand. “What do you think?” (Fortunately, caffeine IS forbidden for my Junior School students, but teachers can still get it.)

This morning, I was riding herd on one of my students to get him to keep writing in his copybook instead of talking to his friends when he looked up and asked, “Miss Maryah, are you fasting?”
“Nope,” I said (a bit gleefully, I must admit, but I knew he wasn’t fasting either).
“Why not?” he asked.
“Because I’m not a Muslim.”
“Oh, right,” says my student. “You’re an American.”
And this from one of my students who has lived in Canada!

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