All My Children

Amman, Jordan

Well, I never thought of myself as an elementary school teacher, but I was right when I told everyone I would feel much better about myself as a teacher once I met my students.

I’ve got a lot of boys, most of them just bursting at the seams with energy, and several of them prodigious talkers, but so long as I’m interesting enough to keep their attention (which I should be moreso once we start teaching actual curriculum next week), they’re really quite well-behaved. I have several girls who demand a great deal of affection, but it’s nothing compared to having the whole village school trying to touch me all at once every time I went on break as a Peace Corps Volunteer! And despite a couple new international students with very limited English, I have a very quick, capable classroom (and I know from experience that the new international students will come up to speed very quickly!).

I feel confident that it will be a good year.

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