The Village Called!

Amman, Jordan

It really must be my birthday, because I got a fabulous gift today. The village called!

First I got a call from Wijdan, my Arabic teacher and one of my closest friends in the village, who had all her local in-laws and Radhwan’s family over because she’d just gotten home an hour earlier from having a beautiful baby girl! Wijdan was very excited about the letter I sent them. (I’m just glad it got there, with my luck with the Jordanian post!)

Then Abu Anis and Umm Anis called, my immediate neighbors who frequently sent me meals, equally excited to have gotten a letter, and wanting to know why I hadn’t emailed them from America. NOW he tells me he has email! When I asked after the family, and particularly after Saddeen, who was born while I was living there, Umm Anis said, “She’s really grown up!”
“Well, of course!” I replied. “It has been two years!”

I think I’ll be going up to visit them next Sunday and Monday. I’m really excited to see how the kids have grown up, what has changed and what has stayed the same. And in particular, I’m really looking forward to the food!

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